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How can I assist with indexing and extraction?

  • While JRI-Poland has processed more than 6 million individual records, there are millions of records that remain to be indexed and extracted.
    • Many records in JRI-Poland’s database have been indexed, but are yet to be fully extracted in order to glean all genealogically relevant information from the available records for each town.
    • JRI-Poland needs volunteers:
      • to index or extract Polish, Russian, and German language records (with opportunities for even those who have little or no experience with these languages)
      • to proofread indices and extracts
      • to link indices and extracts to online record images

How can I help coordinate JRI-Poland projects for my town or region of interest?

  • Volunteer to be a Town Leader
    • Town Leaders are responsible for fundraising for the indexing and extraction of additional records in the Polish State Archives for a specific town, and for handling inquiries about records from their towns.
    • Town Leaders may also be responsible for management of data and sources associated with the town in conjunction with Excel, Google Sheets, and other internal systems
  • Volunteer to be a Research Area Coordinator 
    • Research Area Coordinators are responsible for guiding and coordinating the activity of Town Leaders and the processing of and fundraising for records for multiple towns.

How else can I volunteer for JRI-Poland?

  • JRI-Poland needs volunteers to help with a variety of tasks in addition to the acquisition, indexing, and extracting of records, including:
    • Database, data management, and data entry
    • Moderating JRI-Poland’s subscription email group
    • Development and fundraising
    • Finances
    • Publicity
    • Legal

How can I volunteer for JRI-Poland?

  • Please email us at volunteers@jri-poland.org and let us know how you would like to volunteer or what skills you can offer to help on JRI-Poland projects.