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How can I find my ancestors on JRI-Poland?

Search our online database for records of your immigrant ancestor and his or her family.  

  • Start by searching for your ancestor, by surname and given name.
    • Search for records that include the surnames of both of your ancestor’s parents.  
  • Search for your immigrant ancestor’s surname in the town or region from which he or she emigrated or was born.
    • If you find multiple persons with the names of known relatives from that town, there’s a significant likelihood that you’ve found records for your family.
      • This is especially likely if you find marriage records with the names of known married ancestors or multiple birth records with years coinciding with known ages of family members (or recorded sequentially, which suggests delayed recordation of multiple births).
  • In addition to searching for records for your immigrant ancestors, you should look for records for their siblings and children; such records are likely to provide information of relevance to the ancestors that you share with such relatives.
  • Get copies of records.
    • If you find records of interest, you should get copies of the images to confirm whether the records are for your family and to obtain the information that will allow you to conduct further research concerning your ancestors and their relatives.
Updated on November 21, 2020

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