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What are Research Areas?

The rationale for Research Areas

  • Our Jewish ancestors did not always stay in one place.  
    • More often than not, a researcher looking for family in one town is inevitably led to searching for family in other towns, usually in the same region.    
  • JRI-Poland has therefore organized our towns into 52 Research Areas, categorized based upon social, cultural, and historical connections between them and their people.  Factors considered include:  
    • Geographic proximity
    • The districts, provinces, and empires in which these towns were situated at relevant times.  
    • The ways in which their Jewish communities interacted with one another, such as through marriage, kehilla membership, and towns of register  
  • Each of our research areas is led by a Research Area Coordinator who: 
    • is familiar with the family clans and surnames prevalent in that area
    • knows the surviving resources available to researchers in that area
    • knows to what extent JRI-Poland has extracted available resources, and lobbies for and manages expansion of such extracts
    • supports the respective Town Leaders and handles researcher queries that encompass multiple towns in the area
  • As we continue to study our Research Areas, we look forward to further refining their borders and enhancing these avenues.

Research Areas

JRI-Poland recognizes the following Research Areas: 

  • Białystok Area
  • Bielsko-Biala Area
  • Bochnia Area
  • Bydgoszcz Area
  • Częstochowa Area
  • Gdańsk Area
  • Gorzów Wielkopolski Area
  • Grodzisk Mazowiecki Area
  • Kalisz Area
  • Kielce Area
  • Koenigsberg Area
  • Konin Area
  • Koszalin Area
  • Kraków Area
  • Kremenets Area
  • Leszno Area
  • Łódz Area
  • Łomza Area
  • Łowicz Area
  • Lublin Area
  • Lwów Area
  • Malbork Area
  • Miechów / Olkusz Area
  • Mława Area
  • Northern Rural Silesia Area
  • Nowy Sącz Area
  • Olsztyn Area
  • Piła Area
  • Piotrków Trybunalski Area
  • Płock Area
  • Poznań Area
  • Przemyśl Area
  • Pułtusk Area
  • Radom Area
  • Rzeszów Area
  • Sandomierz Area
  • Sanok Area
  • Siedlce Area
  • Southeastern Upper Silesia Area
  • Stanisławów Area
  • Suwałki Area
  • Szczecin Area
  • Szczecinek Area
  • Tarnopol Area
  • Tarnów Area
  • Toruń Area
  • Warszawa Area
  • Włocławek Area
  • Wrocław Area
  • Zagłębie Area
  • Zamość Area
  • Zielona Góra Area
Updated on November 21, 2020

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