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What is the status of record indexing/extracting for my town of interest?

  • Despite the efforts made by JRI-Poland and others over the past decades, there are many Polish-Jewish records from the 19th and early 20th century that exist but have not yet been indexed or fully extracted.  
    • This is particularly true of 20th century records, many of which only recently became available for indexing, as such records passed outside the time period for withholding documents mandated by Polish privacy laws.
  • To determine the status of JRI-Poland’s indexing of records for a town of interest, you can visit the JRI-Poland – “Town Explorer” page and click on your town of interest.  
    • That page will show you the years and types of records that are available at the Polish State Archives (and which of those records are available at the FamilySearch Libraries and Centers (formerly the Family History Library and Centers), in addition to the years and types of records that have already been indexed.  
      • In some instances, work will be in progress; you can contact the Town Leader identified on the Town Explorer page for that town to inquire about the status of such work. 
      • The Town Explorer page for a town will link to a list of surnames that appear in one or more records for that town (including surnames that appear on indices or extracts that are being prepared for JRI-Poland but are not yet searchable through JRI-Poland’s search engine).
      • The Town Explorer page will also provide information concerning the status of funding for any projects involving a town; unless and until your town’s project is funded, JRI-Poland will be unable to post projet records for your town of interest. 
    • Information concerning available records on a town-by-town basis can also be found through:
Updated on January 21, 2021

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